Tips to Train Your Dog to Stay in the Yard


If you are a pet owner, then you must be aware of the fact that dogs love to walk, run and play. This puts you in a pickle if you want your dog to stay within the yard. Since it is not possible for you to look after it every second of the day, you need to train your dog to stay in the yard.

But before any of that, you have to make sure that you can keep your dog along with you in the house without facing any trouble. To live with your ESA, all you need is a valid emotional support animal letter. Go through a, free emotional support animal letter to make sure that your letter contains all the elements required.

The next step is to properly train your ESA to make sure it stays within the house boundaries. Here are some tips you can use for your help.

Decide a Boundary for Your Dog

It is necessary that your dog has basic boundary training lessons. Decide a boundary and mark it with flags. Remember that there should be a distance of at least 3 feet between the boundary you have decided and the flags. This will help you train your dog to stay within the allotted space.

Use of Commands

It is necessary to teach commands to your ESA letter pet in order to train it. Spend some quality with your pet and teach him the basic commands. These include sit, stay, no, wait, stop, etc. Once your pet is familiar with basic commands, it will be much easier to train it. You can use commands like free to teach your dog when it is safe to cross the line.

Use a Leash to Walk the Boundary

Take your dog to walk the boundary. Make sure that you have a long leash to control your dog. Do not let the dog cross the boundary while walking. Continue repeating this several times a day. You have to ensure that the dog touches the flags and returns to you.

This will help you train the dog in recognizing the boundary. Control and train your dog so that it does not jump any fence and cause himself any danger.

Don’t Use Leash to Walk the Boundary

Continue training your dog with the leash for a few days. Once you feel that your dog has started to recognize the boundary, allowing it to walk without the leash. If it tries to cross the boundary, command your dog to stay within the boundary.

Continue Practicing

Don’t top if you feel that your dog is trained now. Try to test it. Place some of its toys outside the boundary. See if your dog runs to fetch and play with them. Even one step outside the boundary will require you to train it all over again. Reward your dog if it passes the test and follows your commands.

Your commands should not be restricted for this training. Use them in your home as well to make sure that your dog is obedient and responsive to your commands. Give a treat to your pet for its good behavior.

These were a few important tips you can follow to train your emotional support animal letter dog to stay within the yard. It is necessary to make sure that your pet stays within the yard safe and sound when you are not around.

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